Optimisation and correction of the gum line

In the context of prosthetic treatments, the correction of an irregular gum line is often also required. Apart from coverage of exposed root surfaces (additive procedures), subtractive procedures may also be used.

Subtractive procedures may involve only the correction of the gums (gingivectomy / gingivoplastic surgery) or also the correction of the line of the alveolar bone which supports the teeth (ostectomy / osteoplastic surgery). The latter is often performed as so-called "surgical crown extension". This may be necessary if, for example, the tooth is too short for the preparation of a crown. But surgical crown extension can also be used for aesthetic reasons, for example in the case of an excessively high gum line, to correct and harmonise the gum line.

In many cases, an irregular gum line calls for a combination of additive and subtractive procedures in order to achieve an optimal aesthetic result.

Example of optimisation of the gum line prior to crown work:

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